Essential Doctrines #9

Rom.11:25                  Israel and The Mystery                     Review

For the last few weeks, we have been studying Chapters 9, 10, 11 of Romans, concerning “The Great Dispensational Change” that brought about the temporary suspension of the NOI, and the creation of “the Dispensation of Gentile Grace now in effect.” Paul talks about a key phrase in Rom. 11:25 verse which affects every member of BOC. Paul says, “lest we be wise in our own conceits (opinions, human wisdom).” We learned what that meant, it all boils down to the “attitude” which grace believers have in view, of what God has done with Israel.

1. Paul Is warning grace believers not to be conceited, high minded, puffed up, or to have the wrong opinion of ourselves. “Conceit” is having an excessive favorable opinion of ourselves, of our own self-worth. There is the danger of, looking down on your weaker brother, including Israel. As we know, Paul is reminding us that we must first have a proper understanding, a proper mindfulness of “who God has made us to be, in Christ Jesus.”  Remember our identity, our moniker of righteousness, not self-righteousness! Paul cautions that if we do not be mindful, problems will surface in the BOC, problems will surface in our fellowship, assemblies.

2.  What Paul is teaching us is, having a proper awareness, a proper reverence, an appreciation for “Knowing the Time.”  Paul is urging, & encouraging us, MCBOC to have a proper understanding, motivation, with eagerness and excitement, because “we know the time.”  This present time of suffering, the dispensation of grace will soon be over.  And we know some things Saints, we know God is not intervening In the affairs of men during the dispensation of grace. However, we also know the TIME! The next intervention of God, in the affairs of men, will be the rapture of the church.

3. Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. “READ!”  So, if we know this, why do we still have trouble with the issue of TIME? Paul says, “we have become wise in OUR own conceits.”  A conceited attitude, thinking more highly of ourselves


than we ought is a device of Satan, & it comes from bad doctrine. It is like going to the                                                                                                                                  

hospital and being given a bad blood transfusion, your body rejects it, and then the complications surface. So it is with corrupt doctrine.

4. Conceit “exalts itself against the knowledge of God” and it often leads to disobedience to Christ. And instead of having an attitude of urgency toward time, we become complacent or unconcerned with “knowing the Time.” ) And WE  of all people, should have a godly appreciation of the Time. Knowing the time, that is high time to wake out of sleep. Awake and arise from being functionally dead and Christ should give you the light of knowledge .

5. In the chps. 9 -11, Paul begins to refresh our knowledge concerning God’s program with Israel. Israel’s program has been temporarily interrupted, yes that is true. Something happened to Israel. Israel’s fellowship is now accursed from Christ, cut off, banished, Why? Because of                                                                                                                                                                                     

Unbelief.   This began the suspension of Israel’s program, and the beginning of the dispensation of Gentile grace now in effect. When? In Acts 9, When Christ unexpectedly appeared from heaven’s glory and raised up Saul of tarsus, (Paul) a brand new apostle, and it was Paul who God reveals this new dispensation of Gentile grace, the Mystery of Christ, and this suspension of Israel’s program, ushered in, the dispensation grace.

6.  Israel was accursed from Christ. This is the point of the doctrine being taught in Romans 9-11. We are clear that the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the service of God and the promises pertain, (belong) to Israel. And all this is pointing to the future, “ages to come,” when  Israel’s fullness (completion) comes in. When the Kingdom is established on the earth , and Israel shall become a .great nation, a Kingdom of priests, a holy nation. It is when the adoption takes place and Israel becomes the glorifier of God in connection with fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant. We are clear on thatThe adoption and glory will come when the Kingdom is established on the earth.                                                               7. We are also clear that Christ did not come to the Gentiles. Christ came (Rom.


15:8) “To confirm the promises made to the fathers. As a minister to the circumcision, Israel, to give them the Kingdom, to give them the adoption & the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

glory. to fulfill the promises made to the fathers. Christ came to fulfill the plan and purpose God has for Israel.

8. Now that Paul has made it crystal clear God’s plan and purpose for Israel.  God has cut off His dealings Temporarily with Israel! AFTER Christ had come and confirmed the promises made to the father and the Kingdom was ready, was at hand.

9. In chps. 9-11, Paul is refuting arguments of men who have a misunderstanding about what God has done with Israel. We know what happened to Israel. Israel is accursed from Christ. Their program was and still is temporarily suspended. So how shall we look at this temporary suspension?  Paul is casting down strongholds disinformation, vain imaginations, concerning this great dispensational change and replacing it with the correct information, doctrine, rightly divided.

10. Paul showed us how to look at the fundamental existence of the gentiles and the fundamental existence of Israel.  1. The Gentiles followed not after righteousness, but they have obtained mercy compassion, And therefore righteousness by faith. 2. Israel followed after the law of righteousness but could not obtain righteousness by the law, as a result God cut off his dealings with Israel. This is clear, Israel was responsible for their own stumbling because of their rejection of Gods Jehovah-ness.

11. God reserves the right to have mercy upon who he will, and compassion. God has the right to delay Israel’s Kingdom program. And God showed mercy to the Gentiles. WHY? Because God’s plan and purpose for forming this one new man, CBOC, was more important at the TIME! God’s purpose for the CBOC IS to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

repossess the heavenly places, to replace Satan and his principalities & powers and re populate the heavenly places with us, MCBOC.


That’s why Paul said, it is about “knowing the time “, “that now it is high time to awake out of sleep, the night is far spent, the day of Christ is at handSee then that we walk circumspectly , not as fools, But as wise, redeeming the time,                                                                                                                           

because the days are evil,. Wherefore be not unwise, but understanding with the will of the Lord is, knowing the time, let us redeem the TIME Saints.  

 We are living in the last days of the dispensation of grace, and the days are evil. But here is the good news folks, we are not confused about THE TIME!……………….

 I get on my knees every morning and thank God, for extending the dispensation of grace for me, one more sunny day. Thank God for the extension of TIME!

Thank God for WE KNOW THE TIME!  “Another day of  GRACE !” ”Another DAY  to REDEEM THE TIME!  Another day of GRACE to be a witness! Another DAY of GRACE to preach the unsearchable riches of God’s grace. Another chance “to make known the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the Mystery!    I tell you saints!

 rose, when I got out of my bed, I thank God, for the grace of God that brought my Salvation, THANK GOD, GRACE hath appeared to all men, GRACE is teaching us that denying ungodliness, and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world…BECAUSE WE KNOW THE TIME!.       MY PRAYER TODAY IS THAT WE BE NOT WISE IN OUR OWN CONCEITS.”             

.       .


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