Essential Doctrines # 3

Lesson # 3, Review Nov. 8, 2020                                                                                                                       1.  Today our lesson is stressing the importance of Pauline authority and godly edification. The purpose of this study is to cause the believer, to value an esteem our own godly edification as God does. The goal of the lesson, is that the doctrine willContinue reading “Essential Doctrines # 3”

Essential Doctrines # 2

11-1-2020                              ESSENTIAL DOCTRINES                                           Lesson #2 (Review) 1. In lesson one, we identified the six doctrines of: “I would not have you ignorant,” written down by Apostle Paul.  I want to highlight just a couple points. Today’s lesson 2, is a continuation of the introduction. I thought it interesting that five of theContinue reading “Essential Doctrines # 2”


                                       A Survey of the Six Essential Doctrines – (Review) 1. Today we have started the introductory study of the: “Six Essential Doctrines.”  The Definition of “Essential” is: “necessary” or “must have.”  A SURVEY OF THE SIX NECESSARY, MUST HAVE DOCTRINES taught by Apostle Paul, to the members of CBOC.  The reason Paul wants us toContinue reading “ESSENTIAL DOCTRINES # 1”

Our Identity In Christ # 6

                                          (Review)  1.  This is our sixth and final lesson. And it begins with an exhortation from our Apostle Paul, and is designed for you and I, as members of the CBOC,  to “walk worthy (honorably) of who God has made us to be, in Christ Jesus. Consistency (steadiness), walking in a straight line withContinue reading “Our Identity In Christ # 6”

Intro: Six Essential Doctrines

                                                                         Theme: “I Would Not Have You Ignorant.” Purpose:  Satan’s policy of evil wants to keep the believer ignorant about what God is doing today in the dispensation of Gentile grace now in effect. Intended results: “doctrinal corruption.” A. There are six (6) verses in Paul’s epistles where he states, “I would not haveContinue reading “Intro: Six Essential Doctrines”

Our Identity In Christ

                                                                (Lesson # 5) 1. The moment we trusted Christ, based on the shed blood of our substitute redeemer, our savior, the first judicial transaction took place. God the Holy Spirit baptized and sealed us into Christ (which is the mechanical means by which we are put into Christ), and “we were made the righteousness ofContinue reading “Our Identity In Christ”

Our Identity In Christ

                                                         Lesson # 4, Review 10/4/20     Good Afternoon saints, Bro. Blades always reminds us throughout the lesson that the “key” to living a successful, functional, grace life, depends upon if we understand and appreciate, who God has made us to be in Christ Jesus. In other words, understanding our “moniker (identity) of righteousness,” InContinue reading “Our Identity In Christ”

Our Identity In Christ

           Lesson 3 Review 1. Today is the third lesson of 6. We are studying the Doctrine of Positional Truth, with Keith Blades The truth about who God has made us to be “in Christ.” The moment we trusted Christ as our substitute Redeemer, and Savior, the operation of God, the third person ofContinue reading “Our Identity In Christ”

Our Identity In Christ

Lesson # 2 (Review) 1 Cor. 15:21-22; Gal. 3:26 1.  Last week we started a six week study familiarizing ourselves with the concept of what it means to be “in Christ,” our identification, and after we are “in Christ” what it means to “put on Christ.” Gal, 3:26; “ye are all the children of GodContinue reading “Our Identity In Christ”

Walking Worthy Among Weaker Believers In The Faith

                                                               Romans Chapter 14                                                                   “Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations (disputes, questions, opinions, belief’s).” For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs. Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him whichContinue reading “Walking Worthy Among Weaker Believers In The Faith”