Essential Doctrines # 13

(REVIEW) 1-17-21          ESSENTIAL DOCTRINES-LESSON #13    1 Cor. 10:1-6 Pt-3 Theme # 3 – “I Would Not Have You Ignorant” – Godly Sanctification   Today, our apostle Paul Is still dealing with the third, “I would not have you ignorant” doctrine. The doctrine of godly sanctification (godliness or holiness) with emphasis on our Liberty, freedom aspectContinue reading “Essential Doctrines # 13”

Essential Doctrines # 12

GODLY SANCTIFICATION Lesson 12 Review Theme #3 – “I Would Not Have You Ignorant” Godly Sanctification”    Last week, we studied our “godly sanctification” with emphasis on, the “Liberty” (freedom) aspect of our position in Christ. What is this Liberty that Paul is talking about? It is the Liberty (freedom) from the mastership (dominion) ofContinue reading “Essential Doctrines # 12”

Essential Doctrines # 11

1/3/21                  ESSENTIAL DOCTRINES – (Lesson # 11)      1 Cor.10:1-6 Theme: “I Would Not Have You Ignorant of Godly Sanctification.”    This is the third of Paul’s “I would not have you to be ignorant” statements. Each of these six doctrines are Satan’s (pet)favorite doctrines. These are six vital areas SPOE strikes, attacks the believer, inContinue reading “Essential Doctrines # 11”

Essential Doctrines #10

12/27/20                               ESSENTIAL DOCTRINES #10                       K. Blades                                    ISRAEL & THE MYSTERY                            Review The focus of our study today, is for us members CBOC to “not be ignorant” of the zeal, eagerness, the will of God for the restoration or the resumption of His program with Israel. For we do understand the fullness (completion) of Israel’sContinue reading “Essential Doctrines #10”

Essential Doctrines #9

Rom.11:25                  Israel and The Mystery                     Review For the last few weeks, we have been studying Chapters 9, 10, 11 of Romans, concerning “The Great Dispensational Change” that brought about the temporary suspension of the NOI, and the creation of “the Dispensation of Gentile Grace now in effect.” Paul talks about a key phrase in Rom.Continue reading “Essential Doctrines #9”

Essential Doctrines # 8

                     Essential Doctrines-Lesson 8, (Rom.11:25)   Theme: “I Would Not Have You Ignorant of Israel & The Mystery  (God’s previous hidden plan).    INTRO: In our lesson today, Pauline authority and godly edification are again on display as Paul magnifies his God given office, as the Apostle of the Gentiles. In chapters 9 , 10,Continue reading “Essential Doctrines # 8”

Essential Doctrines # 7

            1.                                                                   LESSON 7, REVIEW              K. BLADES      Romans 11:25    ISRAEL & THE MYSTERY = THE GREAT DISPENSATIONAL CHANGE. This second essential doctrine is vital for our understanding today. Why?  We must understand and appreciate how the dispensation of grace affects, and impacts, God’s program with the nation Israel.  Chapters 9, 10 and 11 ofContinue reading “Essential Doctrines # 7”

Essential Doctrines # 6

Lesson 6 (Review) 11/29/20                                                               This is the last lesson of 6, dealing with Paul’s 1st warning to the CBOC of: “I would not have you ignorant brethren” concerning, Pauline authority and godly edification. Today our emphasis is on “godliness.”  It is God’s goal for MCBOC to understand and appreciate, (first), Pauline authorityContinue reading “Essential Doctrines # 6”

Essential Doctrines # 5

                             Review # 5                                                                                 Today is the continuation of the first doctrine of: “I would not have you ignorant brethren” concerning Pauline authority and godly edification, with emphasis on: “edification” (education, spiritual growth). That unique and distinctive body of doctrine in (Rom-Phi) which God revealed to Apostle Paul, to give to us, members ofContinue reading “Essential Doctrines # 5”

Essential Doctrines # 4

11/15/20                                                                                                                       Lesson # 4 (Review)                         Romans 11:13, “For I speak to you Gentiles, Insomuch as I am the Apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office.    The issue that is before us today is, recognizing Pauline authority, and godly edification. But first there is a question onContinue reading “Essential Doctrines # 4”