Essential Doctrines # 21

3/28/21                         Essential Doctrines # 21                         1 Cor. 13

7th Study                            “Spiritual Gifts.”                                   (Review)

In last week’s lesson Apostle Paul showed us that spiritual gifts would be done away with in the Corinthians, and Paul’s lifetime. Why? Because “the more excellent way has come.” Yet the five operations of God, 1. Communication gifts, 2. miracles, 3. Healings, 4. local assembly order, & 5. tongues, would all be accomplished now by the more excellent way, the completed written revelation of the word of God. In last week’s lesson Paul demonstrated how this would work.

1. We pick it up in 1 Corinthians 13: 9 vs.  ”For we know in part, and we prophesy in part,” (meaning they had partial knowledge of the message of God), and this incomplete knowledge ruled until full knowledge came. Vs 10. “But when that which is perfect is come, (when the complete written revelation of the word of God was complete, that which is in part, partial knowledge shall be done away with (put aside). No longer would there be a need for the gift of prophecy or any other gift! They had all ceased! Why? Again, the more excellent way had arrived.

2. Paul points out the TIME when these gifts were given.  Eph. 4:8 “when he (JC) ascended up on high (at His Father’s right hand, after the battle on the cross, after he was victorious over Satan, after he led captivity captive, then (at that TIME) the ascended, glorified Christ “GAVE (past tense) gifts unto men (CHURCH).”  WHY? Vss. 12-13, These gifts were given to make sure the BOC possessed, #1 unity of faith, #2 knowledge of the Son of God. And these gifts functioned until the possession of unity, and knowledge of the fullness of the SCRIPTURES were in ONE BOOK, united, (unity)! And with this possession the Saints (you & I) are able to “come unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”

3. Vs. 14, But Paul issues us a warning, the SPOE is going to try to seduce, deceive, us back under Israel’s program (Galatians) via deceitful workers,


counterfeiting the power of God. Paul is saying be not deceived, beware of dogs, beware of evildoers, the spiritual gifts usefulness has been reached! The more excellent way has taken the place of spiritual gifts today in the age of grace.

4. I Tim. Chp. 3. Paul takes us to the pastorial epistles now, and Paul is teaching us about how the more excellent way governs our conduct, order in the local assembly, in this dispensation of grace. This also covers communication .  

5. Notice in the 15 verse local assemblies are described as the pillar and ground of the truth. In verse one, Paul describes men who want be bishops, pastors, overseers in the church. He does not describe them as having a spiritual gift. No! Paul talks about a “process.”  Another process has taken the place of spiritual gifts as the means of getting men spiritually qualified to function as bishops.

6. Before the gifts to existed, men were supernaturally endowed, filled with the Holy Ghost and were supernaturally apt to teach, without studying, or being trained. That was the way communication gifts were provided to the church BEFORE the more excellent way came on the scene.

7. So I think this is important, so we know if a man is spiritually equipped, qualified to be a Bishop today? We know God is not supernaturally calling and placing men in the office of ministry? Vs1 “This is a true saying, if a man DESIRE (have a sincere wish or hope) for the office of a Bishop, he desireth a good work.

8. Paul is saying this new process that has replaced spiritual gifts begins with a man having a sincere desire. God is not calling men to preach today! R. Jordan says, preachers lie on God all the time. “Some say I was called, some say I was sent, but the truth Is, they just got up one day and went!” This passage is pointing out the spiritual qualifications a man has to have to function as a Bishop, not because God gave him a spiritual gift! He is qualified for this office because of the edification process has taken place, this qualifies a man today & it all starts with a desire. He must study to show himself approve and he must rightly divide the word of truth.  Vs. 22 He must not be a novice (new convert, neophyte, fresh                                                                                                                                                                                       1 Tim. 5:17                                                                                                                   


out of school, not yet proved (less he may become lifted up in pride and fall into Satan’s trap. These qualifications go for Deacons also.

9. Paul points out also that the more excellent way teaches us how to treat elders who manage the local assembly well.  1Tim. 5:17. They be counted worthy of double honor (financial support ) especially they who labor in the word (preaching and teaching ). muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn . The labor is worthy of his reward (wages). He deserves fair compensation.

10. At the same time, the more excellent way deals with elders who sin. There is a process for that too. Vs 19. Do not accept an accusation against an elder unless you have the testimony of at least two or three witnesses. The elders that sin, rebuke (reprimand) before all that others may learn.

Vs. 22. lay hands suddenly on no man. (Don’t be in a rush to judgment). don’t receive an accusation against an elder, unless two or three witnesses be present. The point is this, Paul points out the scriptures are dealing with local assembly order. This scripture is not talking about laying hands on a person, giving a spiritual gift.  

Vss. 23. Paul makes it clear that Timothy was sick, Timothy had stomach ailments, so Paul told him add a little wine to settle your stomach. The point is  this, Paul couldn’t heal anymore, gifts the healing had ceased and Paul couldn’t heal Timothy.

Col. 4:13. Since healing gifts had ceased to exist, Paul, came to value and esteem Luke, the beloved physician. Paul was in need of a doctor, medical attention, be ’cause of his vision. The Point is: Now that the gift of healing was gone, Paul needed a doctor.  

1 Thess. 1:2-3. Paul was in prison now waiting to complete the word of God. There would be no miracles this time like (Acts 16, Paul and Silas prayed and sang until (earthquake) the doors of the prison sprang open), NO! all miracles had ceased. But faith, hope, and love, remained. All other spiritual gifts were done away with. And Paul saluted the Thessalonian Saints, they were a model church and Paul saluted them for their work of faith, labor of love, and patience of hope, in LJC.  


They were examples because they had dealt properly with the complete written word of God.                                                                                                                                          

11. Finally, the point of chapter 14, is to cause confusion to cease and desist! Paul gave the Saints further corrective doctrine. If the Corinthians heed the instructions, Satan’s counterfeiting of spiritual gifts will be put to a stop, and the fakers will be exposed !

12. 14:33. “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.”  

Peace did not exist in this church confusion did!  Because of their ignorance, these Saints were cooperating with SPOE. The lesson here is, anytime a Saint does not study, and rightly divide, we’re not only ignorant of the truth, we are wittingly or unwittingly complicit in Satan’s strategy. What Paul is showing us is that SPOE was working in Corinth and not only in Corinth, but working in churches all over the world today! Why Because people are “ever learning and never coming into the knowledge of truth, rightly divided.

13. Paul asked a question back in chapter 12:29 “Has the Holy Spirit given the believers the same gifts? The answer is NO! The Holy Spirit did not give all believers the same gift. That only means one thing. That some were FAKING the gift of tongues. And just like there are fakes back in Corinth, there are people from the pulpit to the Pew, they are faking speaking in tongues today? How can you say that? Because “When I read “ I understand the more excellent way has come and replaced spiritual gifts today, in the age of Gentile grace now in effect.  

Vss. 18-19. That is why Paul could say: “yet in the church I had rather speak 5 words with my understanding that by my voice I might teach others also, then 10,000 words in an unknown tongue.       

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