Video Notes: Richard Jordan

In verses 8 & 9 we find Paul’s two-fold Purpose:

1. (vs 8) “To preach among the Gentiles the Unsearchable Riches of Christ; (the Gospel of the Grace of God) which was in Time Past, Unsearchable, untraceable, hidden from prophetic scriptures, hid in God, kept secret, was not made known. BUT NOW, revealed, made known, through Apostle Paul, to be shared with Everyone.

2. (vs 9) “To make ALL MEN see what is the Fellowship (Dispensation) of the Mystery.”


INTRODUCTION: 1 Timothy 2:4; “The Will (desire) of God  is to have ALL MEN to be saved” (that’s what the preaching of the Unsearchable Riches is all about) an then  AFTER Salvation, “to come to the knowledge of truth” (that’s what the fellowship of the mystery is all about.)  And to take those 2 things and put them on public display through the ministry of the local church.

Now, Matthew through John is NOT all Jesus had to say (the Red Letters). He also spoke from Heaven. He sent Another Message from Heaven’s Glory to Apostle Paul (Acts 9). And Paul also was preaching Jesus Christ.

This message “which from the beginning of the world has been Hid in God,” was the preaching of “the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ” (meaning that you can’t find it anywhere in the Bible except in Paul’s Epistle’s.) (“The Mystery of Christ”). It was the message of, ALL that God has accomplished for us today through the Cross Work of His Son.  And God wants the Message of Grace to be put on display through the local church.   

(vs.10) This verse doesn’t get very much attention! But it contains an “Unknown Goal” and an “Unexpected Audience.” The word “NOW” is important. The “Ultimate Goal” of Paul preaching the “Unsearchable Riches of Christ” and “Making Known the Fellowship of the Mystery” is that “the Principalities and Powers, (the ANGELIC CREATION,) in the Heavenly Places might be Known To Them by the Church, the Manifold Wisdom of God.”

An “Unexpected Goal & a Strange Audience” (ANGELS)! The idea is when you are preaching the Gospel of Grace and Demonstrating the Transforming Power of Grace in our lives, the Ultimate Goal is, not just in the “Ages to Come” (Ephesians 2:7), but RIGHT “NOW:”

(10) “To the INTENT (God’s intended purpose, goal, plan) that RIGHT “NOW,” in Our Lives (in Real Time), “the Principalities and Powers IN Heavenly Places might be KNOWN by the Church, (THE ANGELS are going to find out this information through the instrumentality of the CBOC, the Manifold Wisdom of God.” WE HAVE AN ANGELIC AUDIENCE!




A. RELATIONSHIPS with Angels are quite different in the Dispensation of Grace.  In Time Past, Angels cared for God’s people & revealed God’s Will to God’s people, but TODAY Angels are NOT doing that.  Angels are NOT intervening in the affairs of men today! So, what are Angels doing today?  

In verse 10, Angels are learning, being instructed by you and me. So, you and I have the responsibility and the privilege of teaching Angels in the Dispensation of Grace.

B. GUARDIAN ANGELS, are they real today? Cf. Hebrews 1:14. This verse has been used to support the idea of Guardian Angels. Well, it is true that Angels are “Spirits” that occupy the Heavenly Places. That is true!

But what “heirs of salvation” is vs. 14 speaking of?  READ: Hebrews 2:3; “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great Salvation……………….;”

   1. This Salvation is the same as in Matthew through John, and in the early Acts Period. This is NOT TO US, (BOC). This is ISRAEL’s MAIL/PRG!  *The point is this, in Israel’s program, Angels were “ministering spirits” sent forth to minister to the Nation of Israel.

   2. cf. Psalm 91:9-14 Angels are going to be protective of Israel, care for her and be a hedge around her (like the hedge that protected Job in The Book of Job, Chp. 1:8-10).      *In Israel’s Program, God would send a Garrison of Angels for her protection/hedge.

      a. Daniel, in the lion’s den: “the form of the 4th one,” (Angel) is like the Son of God.   

      b. An Angel woke up Elijah to comfort & encourage him. God provided food/journey.

      c. God sent an Angel to kill 185,000 of Israel’s enemies in One Night.

      d. LJC in the garden of Geth. Praying, an Angel appeared “strengthened Him.”

      e. Mary was visited by Gabriel/Angel…”thou art highly favoured.”

      f. Paul – Angel opened the prison doors.

   3. Angelic Intervention in Israel’s program was a common thing for God to use. God would send an EMISSRAY (designated agent/Angel) From heaven to accomplish His Will. The Angelic Creation was God’s EMBASSY (A body of diplomatic representatives) to go accomplish these two things: (1) to care for Israel, (2) to reveal God’s will to them.  

C. THE INTERVENTION of Guardian Angels: You and I have NO need for that in the Dispensation of Grace today. What do we have that we aren’t going to lose anyway? You already possess everything God promised to give you except one thing, and that IS your  “Glorified Body.” And the reason you don’t have that is, God decided to extend the Dispensation of Grace one more day to a lost & dying world.


  1. And so, Angelic activity today is different because we don’t need their protection. cf. Ephesians 1:13; “YE WERE SEALED WITH THAT HOLY SPIRIT OF PROMISE.” You have protection, you’ve been SEALED. Your “Sweet Spot” is the Seal of the Holy Spirit and HE is for your Security and is your Safety Net. You’ve been Sealed with/by the Holy Spirit. You’re Security today is “God the Holy Ghost” protecting you. (Third Person/Godhead).

  2. cf. Eph. 4:30; “The Holy Spirit of God, whereby Ye are SEALED unto the day of Redemption.” You are COMPLETE, Completely Sealed and Secure. When you trust Jesus Christ, He gives you “All Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly Places.” You have Complete Security, you have the Complete Revelation of God’s Will, so you Don’t Need Angels to protect you today, all you need is “God’s Word Effectually Working In You That Believe.”  

     a. cf. 2 Tim. 3:16-17; “That The man of God may be perfect,” (complete, mature) “thoroughly furnished,” (proficient, absolutely supplied, equipped) unto all good works (which are God’s intent, purpose, plan).”

     b. You take that Complete Rightly Divided Will of God, (that is, what God is doing today in the Dispensation of Grace=Doctrine) and you apply that “Will” to the circumstances of your life.

     c. The circumstances (condition/state) of your life is the Stage upon which you live out the Will of God, demonstrate the Will of God, and apply the Will of God, until it is “effectually working in the details of your life as you believe.” ((1 Thess. 2:13.) Amen.                                           The Word of God is the “Absolute Authority” for faith and practice, (the doctrine has to come out of the book) and be applied to the circumstances of your life, rightly divided.

        d. cf. Philippians 1:11; “FILLED WITH THE FRUITS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.”                           The, “Fellowship of the Mystery” is that there would be an “Outbreak of Righteousness,” (character of God) on the stage of human history where I walk. That’s a High Calling folks! That’s you & me confidently taking the truth of God’s Word, Who I am, and what God is doing, and applying it in the details of my/our lives.

        e. Now, that’s why you & I DON’T need Guardian Angels. We have the Holy Spirit to protect us and we have the Word of God to inform us.

D.  BUT WE DO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH ANGELS IN THE DISPENSATION OF GRACE!  cf. Ephesians 3:10; “To the (intended purpose) that “NOW,” Yes, we’re going to have a relationship with Angels in the “Ages to Come,” but, “RIGHT NOW “ The Angels are observing us and they are observing us to be instructed by us. All around us we have an “Unseen Audience” that’s looking at us, they are hearing the information and they are seeing what it looks like by looking at you and me.  *Don’t you see how that’s connected with the Fellowship of the Mystery?



A. cf. 1 Cor. 4:9-14; “I WARN YOU!” (AN EXAMPLE OF CHRISTIAN SUFFERING!) Paul is saying that the faithful servant of God must often bear dishonor (for the message), while the unfaithful shine as stars before the unthinking world (SPOE).

B. When you see the culture (everyday existence of attitudes, values, goals, practices) we live in today, (especially the false Christian culture/organized R). And you’re seeing it crumbling before your very eyes. This is what Paul is speaking about in this passage.

     1. Authentic believers, folks who have a heart to live as “who they are in Christ “in the world that they live in. As you take the truth in Ephesians and go out and proclaim it, and you have a life that demonstrates the transforming power of it in the world you live in, Paul is warning you (in the 14th vs) that, 1 Cor. 4:9-14 Is what the world is going to think about you. And you need to be FOREWARNED!

     2. If you go on the job and demonstrate to people the thing that causes you to make the decisions that you make, and do the things that you do, is because you cherish and you value the Lord Jesus Christ, and to you, above all things, “to live is Christ” they will think about you the same way they thought about Him/Christ. That’s what Paul meant when he said; “we are going to be made a “SPECTACLE “ (an open show) unto/before the world, and to Angels, and to men.”  

     3. You & I are going to be a “Spectator Sport.” And NOT just to the world, the ANGELIC CREATION is watching!  *There are Two kinds of Angelic Creatures: (1). “ELECT ANGELS” & (2). “SATAN’S FALLIN’ ANGELS,” And they are BOTH Watching and Observing us!

C. cf. 1 Cor. 11:8-10; (God is a God of ORDER) (Amplified) *It’s NOT just men putting us under the microscope, the Angels are too!  

     a. In the “HOME,” God set up the structure of a “functioning Relationship” between the husband and the wife. (FUNCTION/serve/operate). ANGELS ARE WATCHING THAT!

     b. Also the “functioning of the roles” God gave to men and the “functioning roles” God gave to women in the “ASSEMBLY.” (FUNCTION!) ANGELS ARE WATCHING THAT!   WHY?


In your Home, in our Marriage Relationships, and the Church Relationships, the Angelic Creation is watching!  And So, what are they supposed to be learning? They’re supposed to learn the “Manifold Wisdom of God.” God’s Eternal Purpose! 

D. cf. 1 Tim. 5:21; “I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the “ELECT ANGELS,” that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality (favoritism.)”              



     1. We don’t have a relationship with Angels like Israel in Time Past.  We, CBOC are teaching Angels, teaching them the Manifold Wisdom of God, in this Age of Grace.

     2. In verse 21; Paul is saying to Timothy, “I am putting you under Divine orders before God (He is watching, LJC, and the Elect Angels,) they are WATCHING to hold us accountable to what God has given us to do.  

E. What are the Angels learning, observing, being taught?      

cf. 1 Peter 1:9-12; & 1Cor. 2:7 (READ!).  Vs 9; This is the prophetic program, the prophets in Time Past looked forward to the coming of Christ and the Salvation of Israel.                Vs 10; But regarding THIS SALVATION,  the prophets searched the scriptures diligently (carefully) and began to inquire about the “GRACE (of God,)“ that the prophets had prophesied would come (this FUTURE way of Salvation) that was intended for you & I today.

Vs. 11; “Searching what time (the prophets were seeking what TIME) the “Spirit of Christ” which was in them, did signify or mean. NOTE: That’s what dispensational truth is all about. Dispensational truth is about what God says He is going to do and when on the timeline it’s going to take place. And when you don’t get the where on the timeline right, you wind up in confusion.

EX: In 2 Tim. 2:15-18; Paul speaks of “rightly dividing the word of truth.” Hymenaeus and Philetus had ERRED (got the time wrong), they said the resurrection had already passed, they did not say, there was no resurrection! They did not deny the resurrection, they just put it at the wrong place on the timeline!  Amen.  

Vs. 12; “Unto whom it was revealed (it was revealed to them that their prophecies regarding Grace were not meant for themselves and their time, but for you, and these things (the death, resurrection, and glorification of Jesus Christ which have now been told to you) by those who preach the gospel unto you with (the power of) the Holy Ghost who was sent down from heaven which into these things even the Angels desire to look into.”

F. The Angels are back there watching Israel (in time past) studying the verses to, and the Angels are curious as to what God is doing! And they want to know, that’s why they’re watching. “The mystery which was hidden from (Angels and mankind) for ages and generations, but now” Colossians 1:26.

   The Angels have a passion to know what God is doing and to find it, they know they have got to read it in the scriptures. Remember why it was they (Angels & man) didn’t get all that information back then? Read: 1 Corinthians 2:7. *What God is doing in the Dispensation of Grace as He forms the Body of Christ, is something He planned to do Before the foundation of  


the world. He just didn’t reveal it until you come to the ministry of Paul. He did reveal the prophetic program out of the mouth of the holy prophets. But there was something else that God was going to do that he didn’t tell anybody (Angels nor man) about.

G. Why didn’t God tell them about the Dispensation of Grace?  

1 Cor. 2:8: READ:

“Which none of the Princes” of this world knew”…..(That would include the principalities and the powers in Ephesians 3: 10; for had they known it they would NOT have crucified the Lord of glory.

*The point is, the Angels were seeking knowledge, they didn’t have the Mystery Knowledge, it was a Mystery, the Wisdom of God was kept hidden, UNTIL NOW!

NOW that it (the Mystery) is revealed, but not until Paul, the Angels are watching you and me. And what we’re teaching Angels, is the Manifold Wisdom of God.

 H.  Folks, the Angels are watching us carefully to find out what God is doing, and ALL that He is doing!    READ Eph. 3:10. *Now look at verse 11, so that you understand what that Manifold Wisdom of God is. “According to the ETERNAL PURPOSE which he purposed In Christ Jesus our Lord:” So there Is Manifold Wisdom, all Kinds of Wisdom, Multifaceted, layers and degrees of Wisdom from God. Where is this Wisdom? It is “according to the Eternal Purpose”.

* READ, Ephesians 1: 9-10.

Before the foundation of the world, here is His ETERNAL PURPOSE which He purposed in Christ Jesus. VS 10; “Dispensation of the Fullness of Time:” *DEFINITION:  when the reason God created everything comes into effect. He might gather together in” ONE!“

*That tells you right away when you study this passage, the things in heaven and things in the earth, READ: Colossians 1:16.  

I. When God created the universe, He didn’t just create a physical universe, he created a governmental structure as an authority system, for the orderly maintenance in carrying out His purpose in His creation.

 Colossians 1:16 says, “all things were created for Him and by Him.”  Everything in the universe was created to demonstrate the exceeding greatness of the joy the Father sees in his Son, Col. 1:19-23. God wants you to see the Excellency created in His Son. And He created the universe to demonstrate that life. *The Eternal Purpose: Is to gather together in one body, all things under the headship of Christ, which are in heaven and on earth.

*The Angels desire to know what God is doing with man. Man was made for the earth     (command center), but God’s plan is to repossess the earth with man. But how is He going to repossess the heavens?   


I thought you’d never ask! The “One New Man,” CBOC. How can God do that you ask? Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:11; that God took Gentiles and He separated the Nation of Israel apart. God separated the Circumcision (Israel) from the Uncircumcision (Gentles). And He separated Israel as His chosen people. And God dealt with man according to distinction (diverse people). Until the fall of Israel, then God did something unheard of!  

J. God did away with distinctions. He created / formed a new body of believers in which there is no distinction. And God did something He didn’t prophecy about! God formed the CBOC with a people completely separated. That’s what the middle wall of partition was all about (Separation). BUT NOW, God Himself, tore down the middle wall of partition (vs 13-14) & Christ came with a Brand New Dispensation, where there is “no difference, & made Jew & Gentile, by His blood, One Body in Christ Jesus.”  

K. And when Angels look at us CBOC, what do they see? They see God’s capacity, God’s ability, God, by His Grace, taking two distinct realms of people and putting them together under One Head. And what Angels are seeing is a microcosm (a version of something larger), the Eternal Purpose of God to bring all things under the Headship of the Lord Jesus Christ which is His Ultimate Goal.

 *Jew and Gentile in One Body, functioning on an absolute equal basis. God’s Eternal Purpose is to bring heaven and earth together in One Body. We’re going to function together as One Unit.  And what Angels see when they see us, is a living demonstration of the Manifold Wisdom of God accomplishing His Eternal Purpose in Christ Jesus. To make Jesus Christ the Head of all things.

*Fallen Angels and Elect Angels are observing us to see how we function under Grace. When we fail, when we fall, “come to yourself,” this is not who I am! Remember, Romans 12:I-2; “Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God.”

The Elect Angels are looking, and they say, “look at what God’s Grace does.” Your Christian life counts, Amen. Life is filled with failures and victories and sometimes our victories becomes an “I moment” instead of a “Christ moment.” We want our lives to be an encouragement to the Elect Angels and then instruction to the Fallen Angels. *Remember our lives don’t only consist of what we’re doing now. We are part of something bigger than just the moment where you live right now.

L. Cf. 1 Cor. 11:26; “shew the Lords death (proclaiming His death) till He comes (again).” When you show it forth, you’re doing what Ephesians 2:7 says: “that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.”



 EPH. 3:10 “TO THE INTENT THAT NOW…You’re putting on display, even for the Angelic Creation to see, that your life counts! Paul said in 2 Corinthians 6:9 10;  ”though we are unknown (to the world ), yet well known (by God); as dying, yet we live; As punished, yet not killed; As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; “Though we are poor, yet making many rich; As having nothing, yet possessing all things ”    

Because the value of what we’re doing isn’t in the observable, it’s in the Spiritual Impact that it has.  Our lives have more value and Spiritual Impact! The Angels are watching us, to see how we’re going to handle our problems and be fortified by the Excellency of the Power of God working in you to live through it, for God’s Glory!!! Amen.  












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